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There's nothing better than enjoying a steaming pot of seafood hotpot in winter.

Osaka Bar now offers a Winter Special Limited – 【Mud Crab Hot Pot 88】

It's perfect for gatherings & will be available for 2 months.

Hurry & make your reservation now!  Warm your stomach this winter...

Winter Special Limited

- -   Period: until 10th Aug  - -


【Spicy Miso Based Soup】& Around 800g~1200g 

【Seasonal Big Live Male Mud Crab】!!! 

More Details

【*Minimum & Maximum 2 guests order necessary for 1 hot pot】
 · Hot pot for 2: One 800g live male mud crab
 · Hot pot for 3: Surprise upgrade to 1200g live male mud crab

*To make the hot pot even more sumptuous, the following ingredients is for your options (*extra cost):

【Ramen】200g -- $10
【Pork Belly Slice】100g -- $20
【A5 Wagyu Slice】100g -- $50
【Extra Vegetable】-- $8

*Only Table Lounge is available for this meal, accommodating up to 8 guests.
*Highly recommend that guests order from 
A La Carte Menu concurrently with this hot pot.

*Dining time options:  
① 18:00 - 19:45
② Start from 20:00


 *Cooking time:  Around 10 mins on the table 


- This  winter limited meal   will be served for at least 2 guests & until 10th Aug.
- The regular Kaiseki course is available as usual, reservations are welcome.
- Please make
reservations at least 2 days in advance.
- Generally, we recommend that guests order from A La Carte Menu concurrently with this hot pot.
Cancellations are not accepted within 2 days of this live mud crab booking.
- Guests are required to provide a designated credit card for prepayment
- The
$100 Gift Card cannot be used for this winter limited meal.

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