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Owner & Chef


Formerly of the OMAKASE restaurant, Osaka Bar in Potts Point, Kazu is opening a new KAISEKI restaurant in Glebe. Although Osaka, Japan is best known as a commercial hub, it has also long been known as the nation’s kitchen and is the home to chef Kazu. His mother was the first woman in Japan to qualify as master of Fugu (poisonous puffer fish), so he comes from a family of renowned chefs. To become a chef was a natural career choice for someone who was raised in Osaka, and his upbringing undoubtedly influenced the types of food he chose to specialise in. Over the course of a decade, he honed his cooking skills on the principled belief that seasonal, locally sourced ingredients are the most flavourful. After that, he spent five years as the head chef at a KAISEKI restaurant that catered to the wealthy and allowed him to hone his skills in the KAISEKI style of cuisine. He is thrilled to introduce his original KAISEKI dishes using fresh Australian ingredients as well as his authentic KAISEKI cooking techniques. 

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Co-owner & Sake sommelier


A qualified international kikisake-shi (sommelier of sake), Mari has curated a broad selection of sake, providing a unique experience to customers no matter how much knowledge of sake you may have. Experiencing the joy of changing temperatures for each sake is a highlight, where you will discover the true pleasure of sake drinking. 

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