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at 18a Wentworth Street Glebe NSW



Chef Kazu’s seasonal creation

KAISEKI is now available at Glebe

Chef Kazu has brought all his techniques and expertise in cooking fine Japanese cuisine, together with a rare ingenuity and keen aesthetic sense he has inherited as the son of a three-generation chef family, to create unique culinary works of art that can only be expressed in Sydney, Australia.


Enjoy the flavour, the sights, and the sensation of each dish masterfully created with the season’s very best ingredients.

About Us

Osaka Bar was established in 2015 in Kings Cross, Sydney and for the first five years remained the beloved restaurant for enjoying traditional & contemporary Japanese dining. Now the owner – chef Kazu – has returned from a two-year period of rejuvenation, we are pleased to announce that the restaurant will reopen under the new title, “Osaka Bar Sake Dining”. 

The newly branded venue will focus on Kazu’s personal curation of “KAISEKI”, a style of Japanese dining that will continue to offer the patrons of Osaka Bar Sake Dining the best matching food and drinks.  As a chef with over forty years’ experience, Kazu will be personally involved in procuring Sydney’s finest produce to prepare a unique dining experience in the heart of Glebe.


Mari, who is a qualified Sake Sommelier, has selected a broad range of delicious Sake, and has created a menu of several tasty non-alcohol drinks with her expert knowledge on Japanese beverages.  Given the accomplished careers of Kazu and Mari, Osaka Bar Sake Dining is determined

to continue setting the bar when it comes to food and drink.

With our new concept and the spirit of Omotenashi (a Japanese style of hospitality that has existed in the hearts of Japanese chefs from olden times) we hope to create the restaurant which will be enjoyed and loved by many of our customers.

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