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Osaka Bar First-Year Anniversary

Yes, Osaka Bar has turned one !!!

To celebrate this special day, we are hosting an Anniversary Celebration to thank our new & loyal guests. Our anniversary celebration is taking place between March and April. Osaka Bar sincerely appreciates your support & encouragement over the past year. As a trendsetter in culinary culture, we will continue to uphold the spirit of craftsmanship, constantly exploring & innovating to bring you a unique dining experience. Here, we cordially invite you to join our anniversary feast. We will introduce Anniversary Special Course, and every guest who reserves the anniversary special course will receive a complimentary special live LOBSTER !!! Additionally, if at least 3 guests book this anniversary course & spend over $680, one person in a group will receive a $100 Gift Card !!! We are full of sincerity & offer plenty of discounts, looking forward to your visit!

【Anniversary Special Course】


Dish 1 - Mini HAKODATE KiraKira Don:

Sushi rice topped with salmon roe and Hokkaido sea urchin, garnished with gold foil, creatively presented in a cup for a visual & gustatory delight.


Dish 2 - UNIKU Skewer Yakitori Style:

Australian full-blood Wagyu marble score 9+ with sirloin & fresh Australian sea urchin, a palate-pleasing combination, a perfect match.


Dish 1 - Baby Abalone Ceviche:

A delightful combination of fresh Tasmanian baby abalone with salmon roe, avocado, kumato, cucumber, mixed herbs & Spanish onion, drizzled with Osaka Bar original seviche sauce, creating a perfect harmony for the taste buds.


Dish 2 - KAGOSHIMA A5 Wagyu Sukiyaki:

Each slice of premium Kagoshima A5 Wagyu, with its marbling of red & white, is meticulously selected & cooked by our chefs before being served. Absorbing the flavors of the vegetable broth, the Wagyu becomes even more tender & flavorful.

Other Hot Dishes


Dish 3 - Foie Gras Ramen:

French foie gras, duck breast, chives, water celery, micro herbs & cramansi combined with Chef Kazu original Shio Ramen, a delightful twist on tradition, irresistible flavor.


Dish 4 - Alaskan King Crab Fairy Tempura: 

Crispy Alaskan king crab meat topped with luxurious caviar, meeting with tempura sauce, a wonderful collision of flavors.


Dish 5 - Around 10 pieces Sushi: 

Will served one by one by Chef Kazu, brimming with sincerity.


Dish 6 - Complimentary Live Lobster:

→ 2 Cooking Options
① Lobster Sashimi /Sushi or Both + Lobster Miso Soup
② Whole Grilled.


 *** Note ***

Please make reservations at least 2 days in advance.
Guests are required to provide a designated credit card for prepayment.
Cancellations are not accepted within 1 day before the reservation date.

Generally, the usual KAISEKI course is still available for booking, but its availability will depend on the reservation status of the anniversary special course.


!!! Value $100
Gift Card !!! 

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