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Closure Notice 

It is with deep regret to notify that we will be closing our doors as of December 2020 due to health issues of our owner chef, Kazu. 

We first opened our doors in 2015 as an Izakaya restaurant and in 2018, we changed to a restaurant serving “Omakase” Sushi where you were able to enjoy the more authentic way of sushi. However, 2020 saw many challenges and to top it off with health issues of Kazu we have decided to close our doors and have Kazu focus on his health more. 

This being said, in 2021, there will be a new Japanese restaurant that will be taking over the premises which will be run by a very experienced chef. We are confident that this new restaurant will also live up to the expectations. 

Tuesday– Saturday 19:00 pm – 22:00 pm

50 Llankelly Place Potts Point 2011

Decision of opening a small Restaurant


For this occasion we have decided to open a restaurant with only 6 counter seats. We were very particular in deciding that there is only going to be 6 counter seats for couple of reasons. 

-    It is a rule for one Itamae (Japanese chef) to only look after maximum of 6 customers at any given time. This is to ensure that all customers are looked after adequately. 
-    The reason for such an isolated dining style is so that the customers can be well educated on what the daily ingredients are and why such dishes have being chosen. We focus a lot on providing set menus which will read “chef's choice” 

The focus for this small restaurant is of course providing the best Japanese dining service but more importantly the education on the culture of different Japanese cuisines and on the ingredients being used. Each serving of food will be presented by the Itamae directly to the customers with it's background and reason for the food. 

About Itamae, Kazu

In recent years, more and more Japanese food products are readily accessible compared to when I first arrived 22 years ago. We are now able to provide the public with Japanese foods that are of similar quality to those that are served in Japan.


To my surprise in Australia in 1996, there were practically no introduction of Japanese food products in the market and such issue had me left thinking that all my skills and talent I acquired of the years are being wasted here.

Now in 2018 things are very different. Almost all products that I need to satisfy my skills are easily accessible and for my third restaurant, I decided to use this to my advantage by opening a small restaurant where not only the customers are able to experience cultural food but also be educated on how the food has being prepared, what ingredients are being offered and why such selections have being made. I wanted to change Australian’s usual dining culture at my restaurant.

The picture of the Dragon on the wall. 

Dragons are not only a mythical creature but is praised as the God of Water. It is said that fortune will come to those that witness a dragon. Also I was born in the year of the Dragon under the Chinese Zodiac.
Due to the layout of the restaurant, the sink is located in such place where it is completely visible to the customers. My solution was to put this picture of the Dragon in hopes of bringing fortune to all my customers and steering their attention away from the sink. 

Beverages at Osaka Bar ~The Sushi Counter~

Osaka Bar, The Sushi Counter is a Japanese restaurant. In Japan there is a wonderful beverage called “Sake”. The producers of Sake works tirelessly day and night in producing such high quality sake and as a Japanese citizen and an owner of a Japanese restaurant, I feel that I have a duty to spread this product to Australia. For this reason, at Osaka Bar, we serve different types of Sake which we change weekly/monthly in hopes of introducing as many different types of Sake as possible. 

No B.Y.O.

With respect to the Australian wine culture, we have a carefully thought out wine list as well as Japanese beverage list to accommodate the food we are going to be serving that day. 



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Tuesday – Saturday 19:00 pm – 22:00 pm

50 Llankelly Place Potts Point 2011

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