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What's on at Osaka Bar?

May is such a month full of love & warmth!
We made a new attempt this month by launching the Super  【Mud Crab Hot Pot 88】
It's perfect for sharing with family, gatherings with friends, and dinners with colleagues!
The steaming hot pot adds a touch of warmth to Sydney as winter approaches...
Welcome to Osaka Bar with your companion & enjoy a wonderful night!

New Menu - Special Meal in May

- -   Period: May 10th ~ around 1 month  - -


【Spicy Miso Based Soup】& Around 800g~1200g 

【Seasonal Big Live Male Mud Crab】!!! 

More Details

【*Minimum & Maximum 2 guests order necessary for 1 hot pot】
 · Hot pot for 2: One 800g live male mud crab
 · Hot pot for 3: Surprise upgrade to 1200g live male mud crab

*To make the hot pot even more sumptuous, the following ingredients is for your options (*extra cost):

【Ramen】200g -- $10
【Pork Belly Slice】100g -- $20
【A5 Wagyu Slice】100g -- $50
【Extra Vegetable】-- $8

*Only Table Lounge is available for this meal, accommodating up to 8 guests.
*Highly recommend that guests order from 
A La Carte Menu concurrently with this hot pot.

*Dining time options:  
① 18:00 - 19:45
② Start from 20:00


 *Cooking time:  Around 10 mins on the table 

*Complimentary Genmai-cha  玄米茶

- -   Product of Japan NET 32g  - -
  - - Tea bags * 8 pieces  - -



- This  special meal  in May will be served for at least 2 guests & 1 month duration.
- The regular Kaiseki course is available as usual, reservations are welcome.
- Please make
reservations at least 2 days in advance.
- Generally, we recommend that guests order from A La Carte Menu concurrently with this hot pot.
Cancellations are not accepted within 2 days of this live mud crab booking.
- Guests are required to provide a designated credit card for prepayment
- The
$100 Gift Card cannot be used for this special meal in May.

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